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中共特权集团the CCP Regime

The invested interests spend so much national wealth in preparing the Olympic Games to blandish the international, launch so much propaganda about the 2008 Olympics to gloss over official corruption and social inequality!

At the last National People's Congress session, China's Wen wowed discretionarily for the "Chinese's enthusiasm for the 2008 Olympics" - ignoring the voices of naysayers.

Many feel the GDP comes from inflation. houses and food are all more expensive. China is falling into the capitalism seen in the 1800s, before the October Revolution.

Most recent and upcoming college graduates from all over China squash in fancy metropolises, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc, while other provinces remain stagnant.

Next spring, Chinese colleges and universities expect a record 4.95 million graduates, up 820,000 from this year. More than a million of them will wind up jobless, according to estimates.

The proportion of people's salaries to GDP has been falling year after year. The M2/GDP ratio is unusually high, 200% in 2005. All money is the ruling group's money, all hardship is the mass's hardship.

"Terrible idea. Please think of the athletes"? Some athletes, poor kids, just run a risk for money at the expense of life,health!Look forward to a better world.

"We should be embracing China at every possible opportunity. What possible bad could come from befriending such a massive power"?Don't think China is going into capitalism at all. It is an officialdom-economy. And the Stalinists won't change its autarchy without pressure.


虽然当局的喉舌,假装正经的新闻联播、巧言令色的东方时空,都说"中国人以火一样的热情盼奥运 "。但实际上 多数民众对奥运2008,当局的丑剧,漠不关心,十分讨厌。

No participate in the 2008 Beijing Olympics! No watch the games! No buy the mementos! If you come to Beijing to see the games, wear a T-shirt bearing the logo above at least?


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