Stop Cheating Paying customers
United States of America

January 8, 2007, myself and two members of my family had our accounts frozen. This is not a free site, you pay for it,you buy the product's that support this site. A paying customer to my knowledge should be treated with fairness,and neopet's feel's that they can do what they like"wrong".

My account was hacked, and I was banned and froze for no reason. I want the respect a paying customer deserves!!!

People!! You can e-mail neopet's til your blue, they will not respond, they got your money, you can petion til your green, they will not respond. you want their attention,this is what I am going to do. 1..contact the Federal Trade's commission. 2...Contact your local court house,and file a petion,send this petion to the sponser's who support neopet's. 3....GROUP together,if this has happened to you, then everyone get together as one united we stand devided we fall.... 4..Find the hacker!!!they leave a calling card. yes they do,send to the Federal Comminication's ..the FCC,and they will trace them down for you, and when they do. It's jail time people. This a message to hacker's out there .you do leave a calling card. 5...get ahold of your local New's paper put an ad in letting good folk's know what happened to you. Once this is done the last thing to do is get as MANY People you can and BOYCOTT folk's. it is not that hard.

Neopet's make money off you,take your account's, and "OH YEA" send lil tarla to give free prezzie's to other member's who know no better, where do you think those free random gift's come from, the thing's you pay for...Think about it....I would like to have your support, you want your account back? LET'S ROCK!!!

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