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A petition about boycotting shows on MTV about spoiled children and kids born with silver spoons in their mouths.

To Whom It May Concern:

On behalf of the youths in this generation, we notice your promoting of shows with spoiled rotten children. The Listed are: NEXT, Laguna Beach, My Super Sweet Sixteen, Parental Control.

These shows send the wrong message and that money determines our status or that it's okay to mouth off to our parents. I am dismayed at MTV. What happened to the moon man i once knew? All throughout the world, there is a 17 year old girl crying because her friend in Suburbia was boasting about her new convertible or the 15 year old boy who was taught through MTV that designer clothes attract girls. You are sending wrong messages. And the fact that you would even air this on TV just disgusts me. 1980 to 2003 was good MTV, and now its a shame to say that MTV promotes garbage and assumingly supports the rich.

So please take the time to care about the youth before it corrupts before your TV shows. Thank you.

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