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Mexico's Ambassador to the United States
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Until a boycott starts hurting Mexican and Central American tourism, illegal immigration into the U.S.A. will continue to be an uncontrollable problem. Hurting those countries in the pocketbook is the way to get action.

Right now, Mexico and Central American nations profit by sending their citizens to the United States. The invasion of the United States by illegal immigrants will slow down only when Mexico and other Central American nations have an incentive to be good neighbors. They have an incentive to encourage, facilitate, and orchestrate mass invasion of the United States by their own citizens -- because they make billions of dollars a year in profit from this problem.

Citizens of those countries enter the U.S.A. illegally and plunder money from the U.S. economy and steal jobs from U.S. citizens and legal resident immigrants. Their citizens then send the money plundered from the U.S.A. back to their families in their home country. If it were a legitimate industry, these "remittances" -- flows of stolen plunder from the U.S.A. back to the home country -- would be one of the top 10 industries in the Mexican economy.

Meanwhile, unemployment in Mexico was only 4.7% in the Fall of 2013, as reported by The Financial Times. Mexico exports its unemployed citizens to the United States, and gets back billions of dollars extracted from the U.S. economy by those invaders and trespassers.

Quite simply, this is a giant crime of breaking and entering.

The number of unemployed in the United States is about equal to the estimated number of illegal aliens present in the U.S.A. But in addition the number of employed U.S. citizens and legal immigrants holding a job has dropped by about 8 million since 2008.

The government of Mexico produces booklets for its citizens advising them how to cross the border illegally, and issues identity cards designed to help its citizens invade the U.S.A.

Mexico does not control its side of the border. Mexico's consulates inside the USA assist its citizens who are illegally in the United States. Mexican diplomacy pushes the United States to get more of its Mexican citizens into the U.S.A. illegally.

This boycott and petition for this "Border Crisis Project" is being organized by American Border Control, Jonathon Moseley, Executive Director, a product of the U.S. Public Policy Commission, a nonprofit 501(c)(4) public policy organization.

TO MEXICO'S AMBASSADOR TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: We the undersigned will boycott Mexican tourism and Mexican products and trade until the Government of Mexico meets the following demands:

We the undersigned demand that the country of Mexico cease and desist from its intentional campaign of orchestrating, facilitating, and encouraging an invasion of the United States of America across the US-Mexican border by Mexico's citizens and the citizens of Central American nations passing through Mexico.

We demand that the government of Mexico control the Mexican side of the U.S.-Mexican border, which is defined by U.S. Congressman Randy Weber’s (R-TX) bill, the Illegal Entry Accountability Act of 2014, which would suspend aid to Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador until Congress determines that sufficient action is taken to keep their citizens from flooding out country.

We demand that the Mexican government safeguard its own citizens from the dangers of crossing wilderness and desert areas risking over-heating or attacks from criminals. We demand that the Mexican government safeguard its citizens by transporting those who are turned back from the U.S. border away from the border areas to safe locations inside Mexico. This includes citizens of Central American countries that Mexico has allowed to enter Mexico on their way to dangerously cross the desert or wilderness areas into the U.S.A.

We demand that the government of Mexico -- which is rich in oil and other natural resources and had only a 4.7% unemployment rate in the Fall of 2013 -- take care of its own citizens, including providing its own citizens with a quality education, health care, and when they are in need food and clothing.

We demand that the government of Mexico reimburse the United States government or relevant State government for all costs of caring for, feeding, housing, educating, and providing health care to Mexican citizens illegally present in the United States of America.

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