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The recent actions of Kim Kardashian transforming herself into Virgin Mary have caused outrage amongst the world, especially with Catholics and Muslims. She has committed blasphemy. The Quran states Mariam (Mary as being the purest woman)
We all know that Kim is far from this. Kim has been promoting the image of Virgin Mary alongside drug products. She has young girls who look up to her but she is not fit to be a role model.
The Kardashian/Jenner family have gone on for too long. They offend many people and do not take responsibility for their actions. Kendall Jenner has offended the black community (on Martin Luther Kings anniversary) with her Pepsi advert but does not think she needs to apologise for her actions.
They are dumbing down the world. All they care about are looks and money. Their show, KUWTK has ruined our TV since the day it began. We wish for this to all end. The family need to go. They have no talents and are famous for nothing. E entertainment needs to stop supporting members of this family that support drug use, commit blasphemy and are insensitive to other religions.

We, the public call on E entertainment (namely Ryan Seacrest) to stop supporting the kardashian family (who support drug use, commit blasphemy, blatantly lie) by ending KUWTK.
The public are fed up of the actions of this family. The show continues to exploit every chance it gets in order to obtain more viewings. This was unsuccessfully executed with Kim's robbery where the show took the whole situation too far. As you can tell from the ratings of that episode, the public are fed up with KUWTK. Please remove the show, it no longer serves purpose.

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