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EA has screwed mut players hard the last few years and the bf2 incident has shown us we can make a difference! EA uses mtx(microtransactions) to prey on addictive personalities and does so in ways that are illegal in other parts of the world(kompu gacha in Japan states a company cannot charge for a chance to get an unusable piece of an item like collectibles).We ask EA to release pack odds and raise them to how they were in older maddens such as madden 12 and 13.We also ask that EA be more transparent on all parts of the game such as thresholds and elo matchmaking. We also ask for all packs to have the option to be bought with coins and that there will be no future mtx based paywalls such as the 2nd half of the heroes solo challenges. This petition means we will boycott mut points until madden ultimate team changes for the better.

This petition says those who sign it are boycotting all microtransactions until madden ultimate team improves. This includes but is not limited to mut points,packs bought with real money,and paying with money to unlock solochallenges or other content. We have been given a chance to show EA we wont be trampled by their nfl gane monopoly. So lets make madden better together!

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