President George W. Bush and Wal-Mart
United States of America

We, the undersigned, have declared a boycott on all products from the country of China.

We are concerned about the safety of America's children and refuse to stand by and watch them being poisoned. In light of the recent "Aqua Dots" issue, we feel this issue is too dangerous and important to be ignored.

China is producing poisonous products. Chinese products are so prevalent in the United States that they are out of reach of government regulators. Their regulatory system lacks the strong food, drug and cosmetic standards that have been developed in the last 100 years.

In an article called "Reaping the fruits of a China-Dependent Economy," TFP.org says:
"Those who claim Chinese goods provide cheap wares to American consumers would do well to take a second look.

Such cheap goods come at great cost to the Chinese workers who frequently work in substandard sweat shop conditions. They are now coming at a great price to American business in the form of recalled goods and ruined reputations.

Finally they cost dearly to American consumers and particularly children whose health is endangered by substandard and chemical-laced goods and foods.

Such costs are to be expected from a Communist government that has long had a callous disregard for human life and holds itself to no standards save that of it's immoral philosophy.

However, now that American lives are directly threatened, it should serve as a wake up call to question seriously the wisdom of continuing present trade policies.

It should at least serve to alert the public that "Made In China" is no longer a manufacturing label but a warning."

We, the undersigned, need to protect ourselves from the poisonous pet food, seafood, toothpaste, and toys that come from Communist China.

Protecting ourselves should be a human right which we deserve.

What we want should be simple. Anything that does not meet our standards should not be allowed to be imported.

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