In recent months, the citizens of Boomertowne.com have realized that there has been a lack of communication between its high up officials and its citizens.

As we have all read in the agreement with Boomertowne, it states:
“BoomerTowne Points orders may take 6-8 weeks for delivery based on availability.”

As all citizens have realized this, we feel that Boomertowne should be held accountable for its actions. If the possibility of Gift Cards being delayed longer than the 6 – 8 period. We believe that every effort should be made to address this. Especially if it can take only one post from BTVoice to accomplish this.

The topic in the Boomertowne forums has suggested that: Boomertowne Points should be temporarily suspended until Boomertowne.com is able to keep up with supply and demand.

If Boomertowne is in any sort of financial position, we believe that it would be best that it tries to address the situation as soon as possible to prevent itself from becoming like other websites.

Citizens have a great concern for the website and we believe that a clear line of communication is needed.

We hope that Boomertowne takes all suggestions into account and provide what’s best for its citizens.

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The Boomertowne petition petition to Boomertowne.com was written by Joseph Wong and is in the category Justice at GoPetition.