Safeway Corporation
United States of America

January 26, 2006

While out on sick leave Robert Burkett was replaced as meat manager and forced to take a job at half the pay and less than half the hours.

Robert Burkett has three sick parents and a disabled wife at home to provide for.

We the people of Lakeview Oregon and friends from California are demanding you reinstate Robert Burkett back to his position as Meat Manager in our Safeway Store. We would also ask he get back his original pay and hours.

We are also requesting Bob Bacolas be removed as Human Resource Representative.

This is a very small town and we feel the way Bob Bacolas's treatment of Robert Burkett after years of hard service is unfair. If this is the way Safeway treats their employees and Safeway does not reinstate Robert to his position, we will have no choice but to take our business to Klamath Falls or Stewarts, the market across the street.

We the people of Klamath, Lakeview and California are appalled at this kind of business practice and demand you change and treat your people as humans, not as though they are nothings. All the good customer service in the world won't do any good if you don't treat your employees with due respect.

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