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A new law needs to be put in place that all people dealing with the public especially when it comes to those who are approaching your home, should be required to undertake a criminal history check and also have a blue card.

Many people come to your home working for electricity companies and the like wanting your business, they can enter your premises and can be working around children. Especially considering that this is the children's home I believe that we need to enforce strict rules on who is able to come to our premises on a business level including door to door sales, taxi drivers, bus drivers and anyone else who can easily see that you have children.

I believe whole heartedly this needs to change before someone is hired that could be a risk to not only children but to anyone in their home. An international criminal history check needs to be made for those who do not normally reside in Australia also. All businesses requiring entrance to anyone's property should have a blue card and thorough criminal history check!

I am concerned for the public's wellbeing! Everyday we have people coming to our door who want to sell us electricity/phone deals and other similar businesses. We catch taxi's to our home. We sometimes have buses that come to our door to pick us up or our children up or an elderly person.

I believe that we need a strict law to ensure the wellbeing of those residing in our premises when these people approach our residence. I believe they should hold a blue card and also have a thorough criminal history check, not just within Australia but from the country of origin if they are of another nationality.

I would like to ensure that this happens as any work related industry that involves children this is required of them so I believe even more so that this should be the case for people approaching homes that have children and also for the protection of anyone dealing with door to door salespeople. Please sign the petition so that we can ensure the safety of our family.

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