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We all have experienced, witnessed, and gotten tired of the Los Angeles Clippers (aka cli(tt)ers). Blake Griffin, one of the greatest athletes the league has seen in the last 10 years, only by proof of his first 12 spectacular games, is forced to play for this loser team. Blake does not deserve to play for such a soulless, again loser team with one of the worst coaches to ever step his foot on an NBA bench.

The Clippers are eternally doomed not only by their clippers name, but by their inability to get past the shadow of the actually existent Los Angeles team, the Lakers. If Griffin is to go any further than the 13rd place in the west, and at least play basketball come April time by the time he is 30, he must leave the clippers. Trade, money deal, for free, it does not matter, the clippers must let this kid go.

We, the powerless but faithful National basketball Association fans, plead to the Clippers to find a deal for Blake Griffin. It does not matter where he is sent, as long as he is out of this team and the misery that it can fill him with.

We all know that if Blake Griffin is to flourish as a player and shine, it must happen outside Staples Center, at least as long as he wears the red and white jersey. Los Angeles Clippers, we DEMAND that you do not destroy Blake's future. Lets make this count people!

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