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Blackpool Beaches are a danger to our sea life and our surrounding waters. This needs to stop. We need to clean up, & keep clean; all our beaches before it all gets dragged into the sea with the tides.
It is now our summer season, which is notorious for the rubbish that is creates. We need to have things in place to protect our beaches from all the rubbish that accumulates.
After tea time on 30th June a friend of mine and her family, up from Wales, went for a walk near south pier, and to their disgust the sight they were assaulted with was; numerous dirty nappies, pizza boxes, glass bottles, plastic bottles, food boxes, cans, toys, lilos, plastic bags, discarded sandwich boxes and bags. It was a smorgasbord of pollution and sheer lack of responsibility, in short it was an embarrassment. We are all responsible for this planet and what we leave behind, the fact that some seem to think that they don't need to, or think someone else will clean up after them, is something we have to change. But in the meantime, measures should be put in place to stop the pollution seeping into the sea.

I have been walking on Blackpool beaches for most of my life, and the disrespect that people have for them is getting worse. Every day the tide comes in and all the rubbish that has been just left sweeps into the sea and effects all sealife.
We need to do something permanent about this:
1. More large bins for people to put their rubbish in as they leave.
2. Groups of people to pick up before the tide comes in.
3. Patrols with cameras/phones to make sure people do clear up after themselves.
4. The ability to fine people for leaving litter.

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