#Human Rights
NAACP, Social media platforms, News websites
United States of America

Despite increased dialogue around racial and gender bias and discrimination, women of color struggle to advance in their careers due to the harshness of unjust systems.

While wanting to build awareness for women of color the purpose of my petition is not only to educate the public but the female sex overall. In regards to hoping that women of all races and ages would want to be enlightened on the racial discrimination Black women face while working in corporate America and how cruel the corporate world is. Then after, be willing to stand with Black Women.

Employment discrimination is wrong!
For all that are willing to take a stand please sign!
#blackwomenmatter #workplaceequitymatters #nomorebarriers

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The Black Women vs. Corporate America petition to NAACP, Social media platforms, News websites was written by Imani Leach and is in the category Human Rights at GoPetition.