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Biyuuden is made up of 3 girls: Rika Ishikawa, Erika Miyoshi, and Yui Okada.

Biyuuden should not separate. They have very good music. Biyuuden actually have a meaning behind their name. 美 bi beauty, 勇 yuu bravery, and 伝 den legend.

Let us take the nuisance on my behalf of joining signatures so that everyone understands how many fans of biyuuden there are in the world who do not want them to separate..

Sincerely carlos tymoszuk...
email dandyvillano@hotmail.com

We Biyuuden fanatics ask you to not dismantle the group.

It is not necessity to separate a band that is very well-known and famous in all Japan as well as in America.

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