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Now that the Birds of Prey dvd series was a huge sucess and the dark knight is making all batman products and spin offs #1 on the charts, it's time to make a Birds of Prey video game.

The birds of prey Video game will be one of the greatest video games now that the batman franchise have been really high ranked,the series was short lived but I think that the video game will be a huge hit like other female action hero games like buffy and tomb raider, the season should be based on all 13 epidsodes of birds of prey and play as huntress/helena kyle but in certain epidsodes you can play as dinah(sins of a mother),barbra(lady shiva), and reese(nature of the beast), the game should include voices like ashley scott, dina meyer, shemar moore, mia sara, ian abercrombie, and rachel skarsten, this game will be hit, and an awsome soundtrack like the the aired epidsodes in 2002.

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