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The Birch Cliff Neighbourhood is unlike any other in Scarborough. Neighbourhood residents and many others throughout the community enjoy its vibrancy, walkability, and friendly neighbourhood feel. A developer has purchased half a block of property on the north side of Kingston Rd. between Warden Ave. and Manderley Dr. with plans to build a towering mid-rise condominium with 120 units. Ward 36 Councillor Gary Crawford confirmed the new development in an interview with Birch Cliff News. Crawford said the developer is Core Development Group.

Neighbourhood residents and others who enjoy Birch Cliff are not opposed to the construction of an appropriately-sized mixed retail and residential building at the proposed location. Birch Cliff residents oppose the project as currently planned because its proposed enormous scale would be wholly out of place in and forever diminish the charms of the community. The infusion into the neighbourhood of such an imposing structure, inhabited by hundreds of residents would also further congest and accelerate wear and tear on surrounding roads and sidewalks, make parking more difficult for residents and patrons, reduce pedestrian safety, congest the already congested neighbourhood schools, and increase noise and light pollution. And this project would set a precedent for the height and scope of future development of other properties held by the stakeholders in Birch Cliff or others wishing to develop the Birch Cliff neighbourhood.

We believe that the height and scale of the project is out of line with the neighbourhood and the community in particular. We are asking limit the building to 4 floors to better match the other buildings in the area along Kingston Road. Limiting the height of the building will better complement the neighbourhood and lessen the negative impact on the community.

We are organizing neighbours to ensure we have solidarity, and we hope to take everyone’s concerns into account. Your written record of support is also critical: Please sign the statement below

I/We are opposed to the proposed 120 unit “mid-rise” condominiums for the half a block of property on the north side of Kingston Rd. between Warden Ave. and Manderley Dr. We ask that the zoning bylaw for the Birch Cliff neighbourhood limit the height of the building to no more than 4 floors.

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