ACT Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development and his NSW counterpart

In the ACT, and surrounding NSW, the use of Opera house style yabby traps is illegal in waterways, yet they are sold widely across the region and via the Internet.

These yabby traps are well known for causing the death of air-breathing wildlife such as platypus, turtles, water rats and even diving birds like cormorants.

Retailers are not required to advise purchasers of these risks to wildlife or that the use of these in the waterways of the ACT and surrounding NSW is illegal.

We, the undersigned, call upon the ACT and NSW governments to enact, as a matter of urgency, regulations to require that any person selling yabby traps, whether in-store or on-line, be required to advise the buyer of the rules pertaining to their use and the risks they pose to wildlife such as platypus, turtles, water rats and diving birds.

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