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Canada Bay Council and Sydney Buses

Five Dock residents have no proper EXPRESS bus to take them to the city and out of the city conveniently and efficiently. There are plenty of buses available (438, 439, L38, L39) but none of these are quick or regular enough. The 502 is not bad but only caters for the end section of Lyons Road (closer to Victoria Rd) and is offered in very limited hours.

The main problem lies within the route chosen between Abbotsford/Five Dock and the CBD. It is insane to have our buses go through Haberfield, Leichardt and Parramatta Rd because of the ridiculous amounts of other buses on those roads already present. No bus will ever be an express bus along those routes, and surely they don't need more public transport services on those roads as they already have plenty (including direct buses to Leichardt as well as metro buses and soon also the Light Rail!!)

The biggest problem of all is ending up stranded (even from as early as Wynyard) because Five Dock /Abbotsford buses are packed with people getting off along Parramatta Road and Leichardt. Five Dock and Abbotsford residents then have to wait for another 20 minutes for the next bus, when Leichardt residents can get another bus within minutes (if not seconds!!).

We are asking for better direct and public transport between Five Dock and the CBD. We have absolutely no other way of getting to the city except by bus - no train, no light rail, not close enough to the water to get ferries and no trams and no express bus!!

Please give Five Dock residents what other Australian suburbs have - a decent express connection to the CBD. It could only be a 15-20 minute trip (instead of the current 45 minutes/1-hour trip) if an express bus went along the City West Link! Another possibility might be going all the way along Lyons Road (and making use of existing Bus Stops!!) up to Victoria Rd on bus lanes and straight in the CBD (without to many stops along Victoria Rd, because once again this main road is already catered for!!) - same thing to get out of the city in peak hours. How about building new infrastructure for a light rail connection?

Yes we are doing this for more convenience but we are also doing it for the environment. If public transport is not efficient, people will start driving their private car to work. It's also better having less but more useful and faster buses than hundreds of them travelling along the same routes!!!

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