The Honorable Chief Minister of Karnataka, SM Krishna

The Honourable Chief Minister, Karnataka
Mr. SM Krishna

Dear Sir

With the influx of a "mixed" population into Bangalore and other cities in Karnataka - in terms of ethnicity and culture, behavioural norms, financial status and so on - we find that public consciousness of hygiene and the laws of obscenity have become minimal. Everywhere, people (women and children especially) are forced to turn away in disgust and horror at the sight of men relieving themselves in full public view, oblivious to passers - by.

I suggest, Sir, that a stringent fine be levied on these offenders who not only offend our sensibilities but also spread infection and filth in our city. But that, of course, would mean that a law enforcement person (such as a more often than not absent policeman!) has to be available to redress the situation - or perhaps there should be an organization which one can phone so that those particular areas are policed more efficiently to guard against such offenses.

Unfortunately, it appears that our policemen are not trained to swoop down on these men, because they often look the other way even when aware of the offense. Spitting on the roads is another matter for concern - and it is ordinary citizens like us who often request people not to offend in such a manner. I have never seen a policeman stop this absolutely unclean habit. Are we going to be forever known as a nation who never progressed in these matters, Sir? Bangalore can never become a "Singapore" unless we transfer our very educated values of personal hygiene to our streets...

We look to you for authoritative control over these matters, Mr. Chief Minister - as an educated and responsible interpreter of State policy.

With Best Regards
Sarita Kaushal

Another horror added to the list of pollutants in Bangalore is the utter disregard for public hygiene. Under the law of public obscenity and hygiene, there should be stringent measures undertaken to prevent men from relieving themselves in full public view - with no thought of either the infections they spread in the city or the laws of obscenity which they disregard completely.

Please sign the petition asking for stringent fines on such offenders - as well as for a special Public Consciousness Agency which people could petition, when faced with such offenses. It is time to transfer our enhanced sense of personal hygiene and moral values to our streets - so that we progress as a whole community.

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