New Orleans’ Tricentennial. 201 St. Charles Ave. Suite 114-407. New Orleans, LA 70170
United States of America

Whereas: The New Orleans music culture is as aged and as is deeply rooted as the city itself is. At 300 years old, New Orleans has been the epitome of great music. All 23 genres of this art form are present and thriving in the city.

Even in its rawest, most primitive form, music is a part of the DNA of New Orleans. It is important to safeguard music as the infrastructure that it is for generations to come. Music serves as a seamless bridge among all races, colors, creeds, and lifestyles.

“Bella NOLA” is a single by American Jazz/R&B Recording Artist: Louise Cappi. The song personifies what New Orleans is. Soulful, elegant, and cultured; “Bella NOLA” should serve as the theme song for #NOLA300, the city of New Orleans’ official tricentennial celebration.

“The 300th Anniversary of New Orleans not only marks where we have been, but also sets the course for where we are going. Our city is becoming safer, schools are improving, and our economy is getting stronger—but we still have work to do in building a bridge to the next 300 years. We are building a new airport, redeveloping our storied riverfront, and creating a 21st-century medical corridor. These efforts, among many others, are creating a pathway to prosperity for all the citizens of New Orleans and securing for the future a NEW New Orleans—where everyone individually does well and, as a result, we as a community do well. Our work toward 2018 has been 300 years in the making. We welcome you to join us in commemorating the past and creating the future.”


The lavishly laid track presents all of the elements New Orleanians can relate to. It stands upon the shoulders of every musician, foodie, and parade go-er. Those from the Crescent City have a natural ear for good music, and can quickly identify authenticity.

This song has been curating in Cappi’s heart since her relocation to the Big Easy many years ago. The late night walks down Frenchmen Street, and the Sunday trips to City Park are forever imbedded in her soul; as the passion can clearly be heard in her vocals.

“Bella Nola” coupled with New Orleans’ Tricentennial makes sense! This beautifully recorded piece of art deserves to be a part of the celebration.

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