School District 64, Gulf Islands, BC

In our school district, it is numbers that matter. Our teacher's placements are directed only based on their seniority level, not skill or attitude, simply seniority. Our band teacher has outdone every other one I have ever had. I live in a community of islands and it was not economical to hire a teacher for every single island. So, our teacher came up with the idea to create a floating band. Kids from 3 different islands get on the ferry, one after the other and for almost 4 hours we play and learn and create great relationships. Now our district is taking that away.

We, the following hereby understand and are sympathetic with the budget cuts required to be made in SD 64, however we ask that the Band Teacher of the "Floating Band" of the Gulf Islands be spared a layoff from his position. We feel that it is not possible for any other instructor to match the level of education he has provided, nor the comfortable and excellent learning environment he has created. If this program is taken off, the students of the southern Gulf Island will be at a severe disadvantage to the larger island children and will therefore not be provided with the quality of learning given to other students of the same district. We ask that you find a way to spare the instructor and keep him on as supervisor and instructor of the band program, and that you continue funding it.

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