Amy Winehouse Foundation, Winehouse's family

I am supporting this cause which implies the late living legend Amy Winehouse because she and her music helped me go positively through some unexpected and painful personal experiences. She marked me profoundly and, I can simply say that, she saved my life. It's because she had a contagious caring spirit for others more than herself the reason I want to be of a little help for her family.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation which is led by Amy's father, Mitch, was created in the name and spirit of her beautiful soul in order to help people that are also battling, as she did for her entire life, with alcohol and drug addiction, but, at the same time, it aims to give many young and talented people, just as she was, the chance to lead a decent and heavenly life of an artist...such a complex word when it is made a reference to you, Amy, you were a one and only. This girl was music from head to toe... I strongly believe that this earth won't get in it's entire lifetime such a second blessing...

I still can't believe that she is now dead, I can't even pronounce her name, that's how sorrowful it is for me because I feel like I have an unbelievable connection with her, at a soul level and beyond, even though I have never met her in person. God how much I wish I could have heard her performing live, even if I guess I could have never afforded it.

I miss you Amy, you're in my heart every day since the summer of 2016, on that lucky day when I got the chance to feel blessed for the first time in my life after seeing the pinkish cover of the Asif Kapadia's movie in a library, as I was with some friends to buy a present for one's 18th birthday, entitled simply and frankly 'AMY' and I realized I knew you forever because of that infant memory of 'Rehab' from the VH1 channel. Something clicked in me. So I guess you were right, Amy, you're healing masterpieces really make me forget my troubles for at least 5 minutes..

I sing you're life as a lullaby for my burdened spirit, unconsciously, eternally...

This is my tribute to you, Amy, thank you, Amy.


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