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The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) expresses its deep apprehension and anger over the BBC coverage regarding freedom Flotilla.

The Freedom Flotilla which is a mere humanitarian mission has been covered by a wide range of western media outlets in the last few days. The BBC started to speak about the Boats of the flotilla only in the last 2 days.

In most of its coverage BBC depended on Israeli sources whilst the Palestinian side has been ignored. PRC suggests that such coverage harm the image of BBC and could classify it as an alternative for some Israeli media outlets.

PRC and part of its day-to-day monitoring for BBC observed the following:

On one of its today’s article BBC gave a space for the Israeli side while it has ignored the Palestinian side. The official account of Israel though, Danny Ayalon, Israeli deputy foreign minister was presented, which stated that organizers’ intent was violent. The article mentioned that 'Guns and knives' were used by the civilian passengers.

The great exposure of Israeli account continued on the BBC breakfast and its running news casts.

Spokespersons and Israeli officials were given a chance to justify the Israeli attack. BBC reporters in Israel also contribute to this dilemma as they only speak out what they get from the official Israeli sources.

PRC call on BBC to stand neutral and give up its routine policies of quickly admitting and giving a space for the Israeli narrative.

BBC spokesperson, told PRC that, 'We are unable to respond as we have not been given the courtesy of detailed evidence of any accusation.'

However, PRC told the spokesperson of the above mentioned coverage and the time of the news casts.

Dear Sir/Madam
BBC Network

I am writing to express my utter disgust at the BBC’s early coverage of the unfolding events on the Flotilla.
Flotilla is an aid convoy and the BBC should not be duped by the Israelis into thinking otherwise.

19 aid workers have already died 50 have been injured. News is continually being streamed by aid workers on the Flotilla on to social networking sites. All the different NGOs have spokespersons on board and here in UK. The Turkish government and several others have made major commitments to this aid effort too, they also have spokes person for information on the Flotilla.

At this early stage the international community including the EU and the UN have condemned the killings. The international community at this early stage have rightfully declined to reiterate Israel’s justifications for the crimes.

However the BBC shamefully has made itself a mouth piece for Israeli propaganda. The BBC is alone in quoting that the Flotilla had violent intentions and humanitarian personnel on board were carrying knives, guns and fired shots. This is total fabrication quoted by the IDF to justify its killings.

The BBC should recognise that an impartial position at this early stage would have been to simply state the facts as accepted by the international community and not provide justifications for the killings of 19 innocent civilians.

I hope the BBC will realise its grave error and take measures so that in future it does not become a mouth piece for justifying indiscriminate killings.

I want a written statement from BBC regarding this incident. Additionally, I hope BBC will change its policy and air the Palestinian side and stop ignoring it by relying on Israeli officials only.

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