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For those who played PC games in the early 2000's may remember Battlefield 2142 (BF2142). It and many other Battlefield titles paved the way for today's 64 player online FPS games but it had a raw quality and scale, still unmatched in today's games. In BF2142, you can expect many of the game modes that you find in the modern Battlefield series today such as the key game mode 'conquest'. In addition to conquest mode there was a 'titan' mode where you had to capture points on the ground called 'silos' that fired missiles at the enemies titan in order to deactivate the shield and board it. The titan was a flying ship, something akin to a star destroyer from Star Wars. On the titan, it consists of the hangar area (where the enemy would board your titan to destroy from the inside), command area (where your team's aircraft spawned from) and many other features. In a nutshell, imagine BF4 with giant-star-destroyer-type-behemoths moving around the sky dominating the land beneath and engaging with the enemy titan similar to scene from a Star Wars space battle.

We the undersigned call on EA/DICE to make a modern remaster or sequel of Battlefield 2142 with the original features coupled with the Frostbite engine to create quite possibly, your best game yet.

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