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This was my first ceremony at OWC and might be my last. There were so many people there, who were also receiving a degree or an award, or their GED, that there wasn't any place to stand in the courtyard of the auditorium.

During the ceremony, Dr. Richburg did mention that this was the largest group ever to graduate OWC. It took three hours for all the awards and degrees to be handed out, and for everyone to say their part.

Some of my family members had gotten sick during the commencement and the whole family used this as an opportunity to escape, just to get away from the crowd. Toward the end there, I vowed not to endure this type of graduation again.

We, the undersigned, as students of OWC, support the seperation of the Bachelor of Applied Science in Project & Acquisitions Management and Bachelor of Science in Nursing, graduation ceremony. Many other colleges’ provide for smaller ceremony size graduations.

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