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The property owners of the communities surrounding Medina Lake have had limited options for internet access since the inception of these neighborhoods. The choices are limited to satellite (Exede, HughesNet, etc) or line of sight RF providers (Rock Solid Internet).

While these options are better than nothing, they all offer inadequate capacity, limited reliability, and high costs. This, combined with weather (precipitation, wind), peak usage times, and hardware / software problems contribute to a less than optimal situation to our residents.

Because of reliability and bandwidth issues, we cannot take advantage of Netflix, HULU, and other emerging sources of information and entertainment. We are captives of DirecTV and Dish. Our children have limited prospects to take advantage of all the scholastic opportunities accessible via high capacity internet connections. Many employers offer workers the option of telecommuting. That, however, is not viable for those who require reliable, high speed internet connectivity.

Our property values are also impacted in a negative way. New residents today expect high speed internet as a matter of course, and the lack of that in our neighborhoods reduces the pool of interested buyers.

We, the undersigned property owners of the communities in the Medina Lake area, ask that Bandera Electric Cooperative bring fiber optic cable to our area as soon as possible.

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