Various gov't leaders.

This petition will be sent to various leaders of gov'ts throughout the world on 5-1-2003. I need all the signatures we can get, so it'll be here for a year before I send it in. The following nations will receive this petition-Albania,

We, the undersigned, do hereby declare that Zionism is genocide to all non-Jews. We beseech you to ban Zionism throughout your land & to enforce capital punishment, namely, execution or prison for life without parole, for anyone accused & convicted of Zionism. We beseech you to impose either an embargo or make sanctions against America & Israel-for these nations are the ones that endorse Zionism, & encourage the execution/oppression of the pure Aryans & their allies. We beseech you to do all in your power to stop Zionism from spreading, even if it means restrictions on the freedom of speech. As peace-loving people, we, the undersigned, are willing to do whatever it takes to prevent Israel from winning this War on Islam & War on Aryans. If we must limit the rights of the individual for the good of all, we intend to do so. We thank you for hearing our pleas. We are sure you will do whatever you can to help.

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