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Scientific Whaling is the method the Japanese now use to hunt whales. Since 1987 Japan has hunted sperm, sei, brydes and minke whales.

In 2005 they added the endangered fin whale to the list and have even attempted this year to get the humpback whale added to the list. Over the years these hunts have increased in size i.e in 2001 100 northern minke were hunted which rose to 856 in 2005.

This needs to stop now. There is no need for scientific whaling.

Over recent months the group Sea Shepherd re named one of their vessels the Steve Irwin. The Steve Irwin is currently operating in the Antarctic ocean to try and put a stop to the Japanese whaling fleet. They have discovered that they don't like being filmed and very controversial footage of whaling in progress was released to the media in the last few weeks.

The Japanese still claim they are doing nothing wrong and that it is all in the name of science despite clear footage of a whale struggling against the harpoon in it's back and the female and calf being dragged up onto their ships dead. We need to stop this now...forever.

We, the undersigned, call to all the governments and leading bodies of the world's countries to stand up to the Japanese and stop them form this slaughter of endangered whales.

Whaling does not need to occur and it needs to be stopped before these amazing animals are lost forever.

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