Top Gear Australia is a show hosted by 3 buffoons who are crass, banal and boring. The lack of wit, creativity, chemistry and originality is the most extraordinary and disappointing aspect of this show.

It has permanently sullied the good name of Top Gear in this nation and will bring shame and ridicule to this nation and its proud motoring history if/when viewed overseas.

The insulting of people with disabilities is offensive. The show chiefly consists of footage of cars doing spins, fence sitting reviews of unparalelled blandness comprising mostly of footage of a car in a tunnel and the bagging of French car manufacturers. Very cliched and completely against the spirit of Top Gear.

Note to Steve, Stevie Wonder may struggle to design a car but at least he can entertain.
Note to Charlie, you gesticulate like a early 90's rapper, it's bizarre. What Australian calls someone a 'git'? Such a try hard.
Note to Warren, you are dull.

Jeremy, James and Richard would be turning in their graves if they were dead and will probably die of embarrassment if they ever see an episode.

Therefore people of Australia, please sign this petition to end this disgrace before we become a laughing stock of the world and the three proper Top Gear presenters' lives are put at risk.

SBS, you must end this travesty of a show or at least sack the entire crew and cast (even The Stig) and hire people with flair, humour and passion for motoring instead of a pack of drongos. Destoy all copies made to absolve the nation of this shame. The country's taxpayer dollars are being washed down the drain.

SBS, to paraphrase an idiot - "What were you thinking?"

We, the undersigned, call on SBS to stop the production of Top Gear Australia and to sack the entire cast and crew.

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