#Animal Welfare
Open Body Vehicle Drivers

I would like to put forward a petition against the transportation of dogs in the back of utility vehicles, as I believe it to be cruel and dangerous for the dog.

Too many times have I seen the remains of a family pet splattered on the highway, and even (in a few instances) hanging from a rope at the back of a ute (in these instances the dog has obviously tried to jump out and the rope has been just that little bit too long).

I believe that dogs SHOULD NOT be transported in the tray of a ute (or other open vehicle) unless they are confined in a secure cage or box, which is secured to the floor of the ute tray.

We, the undersigned, call on the Queensland State Government and Australian Federal Government to make illegal the practice of transporting animals on the back of open vehicles, unless the animal is securely and fully contained (in a structure which is fixed to the body of the ute).

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