#Students' Rights
Top 100 Student Employers
United States of America

The resume was created in 1482. More than 500 years later, why are we still being forced to create these ancient documents only for someone to spend less than 10 seconds looking at it or worse, ignore it totally!

Most of us can't stand out or show employers what we really have to offer on a piece of paper. Our work experience is limited and its our drive, passion and determination that's gonna get us employed!

It's time employers took a different, more 21st Century approach to hiring!

We're gonna send this petition (no names) to the top 100 employers of students & graduates to let them know that they're missing out on great talent when all they judge us on is a piece of paper!

We, the undersigned and as the future of this country, call on employers to stop judging us on a piece of paper.

We have a lot to offer and the resume doesn't give us all a fair shot! It's an ancient tradition that needs to be addressed - BAN THE RESUME and recruit on a fairer, more modern system.

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