#Animal Rights
Minister for Primary Industries, Fisheries, and Rural and Regional Queensland

In brief, the relationship between Logan City Council Animal Management and University of Queensland is greatly disconcerting as it is urges veterinary students away from greater compassion (via desensitization and moral disengagement); it fails to provide students the opportunity to learn post-operative care; it creates a theme of mistrust within the community relating to relinquishment of animals; and most importantly, the ethics of such an operation are questionable.

In addition, personal experience at this shelter concludes that the greater majority of cats and dogs who are transported to UQ for educational use are likely to be animals/pets who would be considered adoptable.

Unfortunately this agreement still appears to remain firm despite the existence of many other viable alternatives, including interactive software, willed body donation programs, shelter medicine spay/neuter programs/surgical rotations and educational memorial programs.

We, the undersigned, therefore request that the State of Queensland impose an immediate ban on the provision of lost, unwanted or stray animals by pounds, animal shelters or other organisations or individuals to research centres.

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The Ban the Provision of Homeless Pets for Teaching and Research Purposes petition to Minister for Primary Industries, Fisheries, and Rural and Regional Queensland was written by Kisha Giannangelo and is in the category Animal Rights at GoPetition.