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This is for all those fans of English premiership rugby that feel the play-offs are a farce. How often do the teams that finish top of the table actually win the league? It is un-fair on the teams that have been cosistently good all season and to blow it in one match!

To any football fan it seems rediculous. It's like saying to Manchester United, yes you have been the best team all season but you have to play another game to prove that you are and to get your hands on the silverwear.

It is just a plan for the RFU and premier rugby to make more money. It was far better before the playoffs were introduced.

So on the 19th of august 2009 this petition will be sent to the HQ of English rugby, the RFU to see if we can ban the play-offs.

We, the undersigned, call on the RFU to abolish the play-off system in Premiership rugby, or to introduce another cup for the regular season Premier League champions in order for the most consistent team all season to have some reward.

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