Gerry Martiniuk, MPP 410 Hespeler Road, Unit 2A Cambridge, Ontario N1R 6J6 PHONE: 519.623.5852

Second hand smoke has been proven to be highly toxic and has been banned from most public locations yet it has not been banned from community residences where toxins can leak into other tenants homes.

There needs to be a ban put on smoking in apartments/condo's or legislation to force landlords to provide proper building ventilation to ensure that smoking tenants' toxins do not leak into other units.

In Ontario smoking has been banned from most if not all public locations, yet in community residences such as apartment buildings/condos it has not.

It is a proven statistic that over 50% of all apartment buildings have had tenants who reported cigarette toxins entering their homes via other apartments/units. This is a major health concern for adults and especially children being raised in these environments. Second hand smoke is extremely toxic and the fact is most buildings do not have sufficient ventilation to rectify the issue.

Please sign this petition so that we may entice the local and federal governments to enact a law that prevents any more people from getting sick from these "shared" toxins. As it stands right now most individuals have little other options then to move from the residence into smoke free environments but this is not always a feasible option especially for low income families. I do not believe that anyone should have to become ill due to another person's personal habits.

There is no reason why the majority of people who choose to smoke can not do it outdoors to save the health of others. We've now banned smoking in public locations, cars with infants it's time to ban smoking in community residences where other tenants health is suffering due to indoor smoking environments.

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