#Children's Rights
Yazoo County Board of Education/Mary Ann Mitchell
United States of America

February 22, 2005

85% of parents with children enrolled in the Yazoo county School systems voted against the rule that all children attending Yazoo County schools must wear school uniforms to school next year.

Most parents in Yazoo County are either poor or middle class and the expense of uniforms when they usually have to buy either off-brand clothes or second-hand clothes is just too much. Sending our children on field trips is expensive enough as it is when you have a hard enough time buying groceries and neccessities. Now the school board wants to add the extra expense of uniforms. The teachers voted 55% for uniforms. If the parents' votes were higher (85%), why did the school board vote to use uniforms against the parents' wishes? The children themselves will feel like just a number to the teachers with no individuality.

A child's clothing is an expression of his/her personality. I will not send my children to a school that infringes on their rights and the parents' pocket books with total disregard for the parent and child's feelings in this matter.

Ban School Uniforms in the Yazoo County School System.

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