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State Lawmakers, Retailers, Manufacterers
United States of America

Save our kids. Save their Lives! No more tragedies like Tamir Rice.


Too many senseless and completely preventable tragedies happen at the hands of replica toy guns and realistic looking toy guns. In this day and age with all the violence in schools and among our youths there is no reason to have these items in the marketplace.

Marketing and manufacturing to kids replica weapons, guns, ammo etc. should be abolished. It is purely irresponsible at this point. How many more innocent lives do we have to lose! If law enforcement and the public cannot ascertain the difference in these replica toy guns and real guns they should be illegal to purchase for the good of public safety.

Parents should not buy these weapons for their children. Manufacturers should not produce these toys. Retailers should be responsible and discontinuing all sales in stores and via on-line purchase. Were all responsible in some form for allowing this to continue!! Replica guns should be illegal.

Death at the hands of a toy is unacceptable and we are allowing this to happen?!! If there were no replica or realistic looking toy guns there would be no more toy gun related deaths, mistakes, crimes, accidents and there would be no excuse for these untimely tragedies that continue to occur and are increasing. One death as a result of these truly unnecessary toys is way too many.

These deaths as a result of these types of toys are preventable. These tragedies affect us all. We share this world with the same kids, parents and neighbors. Do not let this sort of tragedy happen to your family. And in not fighting and making these replica toy guns illegal were all essentially allowing future tragedies to take place.
Sign our petition!! Help us influence all the appropriate parties. This includes lawmakers, retailers, and manufacturers. The sales and manufacturing of realistic and replica toy guns should be illegal. Period!

The prevention of the tragedy like the one in Ohio involving 12 year old Tamir Rice never needs to happen again. Ever!!

We, the undersigned, call on the federal, state and local governments to draft a law making the manufacturing, distribution, and sales of replica toy guns illegal.

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