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These are just a few stories related to an emerging threat to Americas Youth. Especially Soccer players, and specifically Goalkeepers. These new, "Water saving" turf fields are made with recycled tires, "Tire Crumbs" which are used to spread in between the plastic grass blades, apparently to soften impacts. These fields are painful to fall onto and much more painful to slide across.

There have been numerous cases of young soccer players , especially goalkeepers, coming down with cancer. Not to mention an increase in basic skeletal injuries.

Here is an interesting link from the EPA, which has a section soley based on crumb rubber: Bottom line from them, more research is needed, period.

These fields are filthy. Sand, stickers, weeds, all blow into the turf and create even more of an abrasive surface to fall/slide on. The sun does not clean the field like everyone thinks it does. These fields are not soft and spongy either. Read on:

Here is some information that these fields promote MRSA and Staph infections, http://www.sportsturfnw.com/turf-manufacturers-need-to-come-clean-to-schools-and-parks/

We, the undersigned, petition the Albuquerque School District Athletics Department to replace all the "Recycled Tire", also known as "Crumb Rubber" turf fields in Albuquerque with real grass. Emerging evidence is showing up all over the United States that these field may be causing cancer in soccer players, especially goalkeepers.

It is a fact that tire rubber compounds contain many carcinogens. These carcinogens and compounds are inhaled, and rubbed into the skin while playing soccer.

These compounds include, but are not limited too:
Methyl Ethyl Ketone
VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) can be inhaled as the fields heat up as well.
There are many more compounds in tires as well.

OUR kids are rolling around, diving, kicking up this "Dust" , often inhaling these compounds, every time they play on these fields. The manufactures of these fields will defend their position by saying research hasn't been done on a link between cancer and these compounds. Falling and sliding onto these fields can cause MRSA and Staph infections. It is time the public knew the truth.

How many more children need to get cancer, MRSA, Staph infections, and serious injuries before we "Do" the research? Lets go back to real grass!

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