#Children's Rights
District 87 school board
United States of America

District 87 has no restroom policy. It is left up to the teacher's discretion and at Irving Elementary that equates to, if you need to use the restroom frequently or when it is inconvenient you will receive a disciplinary mark equal to if you hit, bite, name call, or destroy property. I have contacted several teachers through out the years and this remains the same. I contacted the principal this year and yet it remains the same.

OSHA protects an adult right to use the restroom at anytime yet it is up to us to protect this right for our children.

Some might say just hold it is good practice as to not interrupt the class learning environment. To that I ask you to remember sitting at a desk doing the potty dance. Did you recall anything the teacher said? Were other student busy giggling at you instead of listening to the teacher?


We, the undersigned, petition to put an end to punishment or denial of bathroom use in our public school system.

If it is our right as adults to use the restroom at any time we see fit, why not our children? While scheduled restroom breaks are more convenient for teachers enforcement of such policy is NOT healthy physically or mentally for our youth.

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