The St. Catharines Standard

There are Pro Anorexia/Pro Bulimia websites all over the Internet, easily accessable to our children who are quite impressionable and lacking win the self-esteem department.

If these websites cannot be banned then they must have the same thing as porn websites. If you choose to visit these sites you must provide ID to prove you are age 18 and over, otherwise access is denied.

I think that's only fair to all involved, even though I think that websites that promote sickness are wrong. I know that we can only do so much.

We the undersigned feel that Pro-Ana/Pro-Mia sites should be banned from the Internet, if banning them is not possible, then we believe that the visitor must provide ID stating that they are over the age of 18 in oreder to access any of the sites' information on how to be a good anorexic.

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