#National Affairs
United Kingdom

Lately, many people are being ripped of by millions of pounds by the premium rate TV phone-in scandals.

This is FRAUD and too many people are being robbed of their money without knowing.

Competions are being closed before the said close time and winners picked without anybody knowing whilst the line still remains open and people are calling without any chance of winning anything.

Also the qiuz channels on TV are showing puzzles that are too difficult to solve and the most obvious answers are incorrect, whilst the correct answer is something nobody would think of.

We, the undersigned, think that premium rate TV/Radio phone-ins should be completely banned and taken out of service as too many people are being scammed without knowing by these premium rate operators.

The Ban Premium rate TV phone-ins petition to OfCom / ICSTIS was written by Robert Aston and is in the category National Affairs at GoPetition.