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In 2006 over 60 billion plastic water bottles were purchased. Only 1/4 were recycled/reused. The amount of water bottles we use is so immense that it would circle the earth 300 times each year. That number is growing, and water bottles are dirtier than tap.

Tap water is regulated almost daily by your towns treatment facility, most bottled water is packed and shipped within your state which removed it from testing. Thus, you are drinking untested water. Not only are you damaging your body, but you are damaging the environment to a point where it can't recover.

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Are in favor of a country-wide ban on the use of plastic bottles (water bottles, soda bottles, etc.) This ban would decrease use of our oil, and overall better the environment.

We are sick of our landfills being filled with a product that will not degrade for thousands of years, and demand a change.

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