#Local Government
Saratoga Springs City Council
United States of America

As residents of Saratoga Springs, we pride ourselves on generously supporting the efforts of local organizations who aid in the welfare of our local homeless and disadvantaged population.

That being said, we also expect to be able to enjoy our city streets without being harassed by the very people we take great pains to help.

We hereby petition the City Council of the City of Saratoga Springs:

1: For immediate relief by way of a new city ordinance to make Aggressive Begging/Panhandling on public property a crime within the City of Saratoga Springs.

2: That existing ordinances governing loitering and public urination/defecation be vigorously enforced.

3. The City Council provide the City Police Department with the funds to engage in a comprehensive year-round community policing effort downtown with police officers regularly walking "the beat" and patrolling all public parking garages regularly.

We the undersigned agree:

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