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pakistan army
United Kingdom

what we have been feeded since chilhood that pakistan army is defenders of pakistan, but if we see closley paksitan army was always against it. from the first day they have started destroying pakitan new democracy with help of wadairas and chuhdaries. infact last 60 years of pakistan history they were in power directly or indirectly with the help of courpt politician(cum wadairas and chuhdaries).

they are the courptest army in the world.who get money from pocket of the ordinary peoples but they are not anwerable to any one. in 65 and 71 war look at them. in 71 war 90,000 army laid down the arms. they are inolve in all kind of business ,where they spouse to be on borders.if u see closly they are responsible along with that corupt polititions for this situation pakistan is in now a days. so i request all loyal pakistanies to stand up to block their way to come to pakistai politics for ever, this is time, we we dont act now hitory wont forgive us.

so i request you to stand against military involvment in paksitan politics for ever. they brought us shame nothing else.

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