#Animal Welfare
Will be sent to the RSPCA.

After the Melbourne Cup 2014, Admire Rakti, the pre-race favourite, passed away.

The Japanese-trained horse was in the lead then fell behind and died after the race in his stall, suffering heart failure.

Every year, over 18,000 horses die from horse racing.

Horse racing is a pleasure sport. It was once compared to gladiators during the era of the Roman Empire. The crowd cheers, the fashion is stunning and the winner receives lots of money.

However, there is a dark side. Horses are killed, injured or die.

Imagine what this does to the horses; they must be traumatized after the races. Stop this torturous activity. Sign this petition, which will be sent to the RSPCA.

We believe that Horse Racing is unhealthy for horses and should be banned or restricted.

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