Jim Pattison/Save-On Foods

How would you feel if I told you that Kraft Foods is capitalizing on making us sick and poisoning our environment? Kraft saves money by using genetically engineered ingredients and don't even warn us about them on the packaging! These genetically engineered ingredients result in side effects such as: allergies, antibiotic resistance, harm to beneficial insects like lady bugs, the creation of "super weeds" and the use of more pesticides.

All of this is true and we have to make our voices heard before this type of behavior among food companies spreads. Kraft's products such as Boca Burgers, Snackwell's crackers, Lunchables, Tombstone Pizza, Post Cereal and Stovetop Stuffing have all tested positive for genetically engineered ingredients and they are using us as and our environment to experiment with.

Hundreds of North Americans reported suffering from allergic reactions after eating Kraft and other products containing GE corn. However, Kraft continues to use genetically engineered ingredients in many of its products in North America.

Did you know that Kraft has pulled it's genetically engineered ingredients from products in Europe? Why you ask? Because of consumer pressure not to use GE ingredients! By removing these ingredients from Europe, Kraft proved that it can be done anywhere else in the world.

Let's send a message to Jim Pattison to not stock Kraft because we will not buy products containing GE ingredients. By doing so, we can ensure the protection of our health and conservation of Mother Nature.

I pledge not to purchase Kraft Foods products or products of other companies that use GE ingredients until these GE ingredients are removed.

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