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Fructose Glucose syrup known as high fructose glucose syrup in the US & Canada has made it's way over to the UK. This so called natural sweetener has many proven health problems such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, mood swings, loss of inhibition etc..

It is often added to foods that need a jammy or syrupy texture as a cheaper alternative to sugars and prevents crystallisation of the sugars and prolongs shelf life. Manufacturers often try to disguise its addition by calling it one of several names including:

High fructose corn syrup
glucose-fructose syrup
Chicory (usually near the end of the ingredients)
fruit fructose
crystalline fructose
corn syrup solids
Invert sugar syrup
dextrose and fructose listed as separate ingredients.

We the undersigned call on the government to ban the use of fructose glucose syrup in ALL of our foods.

This is a dangerous sweetener that will make a negative impact on all of us, ranging from behaviour in children AND adults, obesity rates and or diabetes.

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