#Animal Rights
Fear Factor
United States of America

Please help stop the Anmial Abuse on the TV show FEAR FACTOR aired March 11th. The show that aired was showing many snake species being slammed into the box on this show where severly injured. Prior to a station break you even showed a close up of snake that had been injured - it's jaw was clearly traumatized by a severe blow. There is no doubt that many of the snakes were injured during this particular stunt.

There is no logical reason to treat snakes with any less respect than we would rabbits, cats or puppies. I can scarcely imagine a TV show that would have contestants slamming puppies into a box, so why is it OK to do so to snakes? By marketing this animal abuse your sending a message to many kids in this country that cruelty to animals is valid entertainment.

Please stop this animal abuse!

We, the undersigned, demand the Stop of Animal Abuse and will Boycot FEAR FACTOR

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