#Animal Rights
Pocket Pets, PETA, ISGA, NASGA

WATCH THIS BEAUTIFUL VIDEO of a sugar glider in their natural habitat. Help me fight against the breeding and selling of all exotic animals, as pets. These beautiful sugar gliders are being sold as pets, living in small cages.

The "Pocket Pets" company will be at your malls, through the holidays, selling their sugar gliders at kiosks. DO NOT BUY THEM. These beautiful marsupials, are meant to live, in Australia, not a cage, in our homes. They often die, from the unnatural conditions. No human could ever give them the quality of life, they are meant to have. As you can see in the video, these are far from "pocket pets", as advertised. They require a lot of space, warm climate, a special diet, companionship of other sugar gliders and the freedom to "glide". They are living in small cages with an exercise wheel. They become depressed, if not cared for properly and will self mutilate due to stress and depression.

Please encourage people not to purchase exotic pets and help put the breeders out of business. The breeding conditions are horrible. PETA has videos of the back rooms of these breeders.Take a stand against animal abuse and sign this petition to ban the breeding and selling of sugar gliders and all exotic pets.

Here is the link for sugar gliders in the wild, as they should live:

Here is the link from PETA for the back room of exotic animal breeders and the horrible suffering these animals endure, just to make money. The video is called "The Pet Trade, 'Pocket Pets':

We, the undersigned, call on PETA, ISGA, NASG and Pocket Pets, to eliminate the sale of sugar gliders and all exotic pets.

The Ban Exotic Pet Breeding and Sales / Sugar Gliders petition to Pocket Pets, PETA, ISGA, NASGA was written by Julie Godfrey and is in the category Animal Rights at GoPetition.