#Animal Rights
Environment and Conservation Minister, Paul Caica

During the annual duck season, thousands of ducks are killed in South Australia alone. Even more are wounded, and suffer severe pain. Those wounded usually suffer for days, until they die.

It is true that like all birds, ducks are part of the food chain. They eat others, and others eat them. By killing thousands of ducks, we are severely affecting the ecosystem. Every time duck season occurs, overpopulation of insects may happen, and overgrowth of vegetation may also occur. Also, animals that eat ducks may also starve, due to the large disappearance of their own food.

Ducks are killed in the most unfair way for no good reason. This is why the brutal murders need to be stopped. Sign the petition, and we can make one more step toward animal rights.

Mr Caica,

Duck hunting is a cruel activity that is still somehow legal in South Australia. Why is this? Do you really believe that killing ducks should be allowed?

Duck hunting is classified as a sport, and people claim it as 'fun'. How on earth is killing an innocent bird fun? Ducks are an important part of our ecosystem, and this is how we repay them? By shooting them down, letting them lay for days in extreme pain? It's terrible, and an embarrassment to South Australia.

People are ignorant to the fact that ducks feel pain, and they suffer just like us. They don't want people trespassing into their habitat, and then trying to kill them. How would you feel if someone came into your home with a gun, and started madly shooting at you. I can guarantee you would be scared, and probably unable to escape the hunter.

We, the people of South Australia, want duck hunting to be banned as soon as possible, before we lose a beautiful, harmless creature in S.A. for good.

Thank you for your time.

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