#Animal Rights
U.S Representative Charlie A. Gonzalez
United States of America

The animals used in the circus travel many miles every year without the proper care and abuse. Elephants are chained up and forced to stand in their own waste. They are caged in the heat without water. Elephants are trained with abusive methods, they are mentally broken down with brutal beatings some days at a time, they are beaten with clubs and shocked with electric prods, stabbed with sharp hooks and whipped. Baby elephants are taken from their mothers at one year of age and are stripped of their wildlife social bonds. Elephants in the wild live up to 70 years old. They live in herds and have large extended families. They take baths and find shade in hot weather. Large cats are also stripped of their wildlife traits. They can't hunt for food, sleep in the sun, and roam for miles each day. Lets put a stop to this abuse and stop using animals as entertainment in the circus.

We, the undersigned, want a ban on using animals as entertainment in all circuses.

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The Ban Animal Entertainment in Circuses in the USA petition to U.S Representative Charlie A. Gonzalez was written by Melanie Bustos and is in the category Animal Rights at GoPetition.